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2017 Merry Christmas

Wasn’t I sitting here just the other day writing our year-end letter for 2016, sure seems like it. We made several long distance trips this year, most of them very quick trips over a long weekend to see family and friends. I guess those quick trips made the year seem to go by faster. Below are a few highlights of the year that we’d like to share. We wish you
a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018 filled with peace, joy and happiness.

Below are some photos (along with our 2017 Christmas card) showing a few of the highlights of our year.

2017 Atlantic beach
Helaina and Sheri had a one day trip to White Lake, NC with Sheri’s mom, grandma and Helaina’s friend McKayla. They also took the usual trip to Atlantic Beach, NC.
Mt Pleasant VBS
Helaina was a “teacher” at Vacation Bible School for the first time. She helped with crafts. And did face painting at the Fall Festival.
dan black garden
We had some success with our garden. Cucumbers did especially well this year. Along with the garden experience Dan managed to become a statistic by contracting Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, probably while pulling weeds in the garden.
Helaina turns 16
Helaina is a sophomore this year at North Pitt High School. In November she turned 16. Instead of the “Sweet 16” party she chose to go see a movie with friends.
County Line Gas Swap Meet
Dan helped host the County Line Gas Show in October. The turnout and weather was great. Be sure to mark your calendars to attend the show this coming October 26 & 27, 2018 in Zebulon, NC.

2017 Christmas Card
2017 Christmas card salutation

2016 Merry Christmas

Ready or not 2017, here we come. Well 2016 seems like a blur, not sure how Sheri and Helaina feel about their accomplishments this year, but I don’t feel like I got as much done as I had hoped I would. We did a little bit of traveling, some as a family and some on our separate little adventures. Without further ado, below is a smattering of photos that recap the year. We hope your 2017 is filled with adventure, fun, great health and happiness.

Below are some photos (along with our Christmas card) showing a few of the highlights of our year.

After 30 some years of driving past Kings Dominion amusement park on I-95 I finally went in and we all road some rides and ate expensive food. In June we moved a spare house to the backyard.
After 30 some years of driving past Kings Dominion amusement park on I-95, I finally went in and we all road some rides and ate expensive food.
house move, man-house
In June we moved a spare house to the backyard. The plan is still to make a “man-cave” out of it to display my stuff that I’ve collected over the years.
Sheri and Helaina Disney 2016
Also in June, Sheri and Helaina did their annual trek to Disney World.
mom and dad's 90th birthday
In July we had a family gathering to celebrate Mom and Dad turning 90 this year.
Hershey 2016
We went to Hershey this year, but at separate times. I went for the car show October 5-8. Back in North Carolina, Hurricane Matthew hit, so Sheri and Helaina went to Hershey the next week while the schools were closed till the flood waters receded.
Helaina made a decision to receive Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and was baptized in July.
Helaina Black 2016
In August Helaina began 9th grade, a high schooler. In November she turned 15 and celebrated with friends at the Painted Peacock. Maybe next year at this time we’ll be discussing her driving. On December 11th Helaina was involved in the Christmas drama at our church, her part was to play a teenager – she nailed it.

Merry Christmas from Dan, Sheri and Helaina

2015 Merry Christmas

As the year 2015 comes to a close we look forward to all the excitement to come in 2016 with the upcoming Presidential election (ha ha ha). Should prove to be entertaining and kind of interesting. Speaking of interesting, 2015 was a busy year with some projects being completed and others proceeding along and some new ones being started. My big news is that after 20 years of being gone from Adams & Longino Advertising, I decided to go back to work there, and the crazy thing is they let me come back. I still have Strategic Marketing & Design going. So far I’ve been able to fulfill my obligations to my clients and appreciate the business they’ve sent my way.

With all the strife that seems to be going on the world, we hope your 2016 is filled with peace, joy, health and happiness.

Below are some photos (along with our Christmas card) showing a few of the highlights of our year.

Disney World, Bush Beans
Sheri & Helaina went to Disney World in January and then to Tennessee in October. During that time I was able to get quite a bit of firewood cut for them to help me stack when they got back home.
2015 logging
We had some 80+ truckloads of trees hauled off to the mill in April and May, now we’re hoping to replant soon! Looking to put in some Long Leaf pine if possible.
Hershey Chocolate World
Took a side trip to Hershey PA., in July to pick up another Sunoco sign for my collection. While there we had to go to Chocolate World.
heirloom green beans
We shared a garden with our neighbors this year and planted a full row of family heirloom green beans. They sure do taste good.
Marvel birthday
New project here, working on moving this house to the yard in Jan or Feb 2016, whenever the rain will stop. Who needs a man-cave when you can have a man-house. And of course our post wouldn’t be complete without a photo showing Helaina’s Birthday yard sign – 14 yrs old this year.

Merry Christmas

2014 Merry Christmas

That time again, time to post The Black’s year end Christmas letter. Now your
holiday’s are complete.

What can we say about 2014, the whole year seems like a blur, did we actually
accomplish much? After looking at our photos of the year, I guess we did more than I
initially thought, still 2014 was an odd year. Lots of rain this summer, wet, wet and more wet. If only we could of sent it to the people that needed it. Also during the Summer I moved my office to home, which has been an interesting transition, one that wasn’t as
difficult to adjust to as I thought it might be. Below are a few photo highlights of our
year. We hope your 2014 was full of wonderful highlights doing the things you enjoy
most and that your 2015 is filled with peace, joy, health and happiness.

Wet 2014 summer
We could have almost opened our own water park
Columbus, OH zoo
A visit to the Columbus, OH zoo


nc aquarium 2014
A visit to the NC Aquarium. Dinosaurs invaded the exhibits this year
Helaina play cornhole
Helaina gave her Aunt Becky some stiff competition at the cornhole boards
Birthday sign
Last years letter warned you this was coming. Helaina turned 13 – a teenager!!
Lab / German Shepherd mix puppy
The new addition to our family, Duchess, a Lab/German Shepherd puppy. Which isn’t much of a puppy anymore.

Merry Christmas from Dan, Sheri and Helaina